· Drone Drone B6 1800 KV 2.4GHz 6-Axis 3D Gyroscope Drone Drone or Quadcopter

· LONG FLIGHT TIME AND LONG CONTROL DISTANCE: With a 7.4P - 1300mAh - 25C lithium polymer battery, the Drocon Bugs 6 can fly up to 10-12 minutes (per flight) .Thanks to 2.4G frequency technology, more sensitive, you can use it for much longer distances, usually from 200 to 300 m.

· 2 directions 2.4GHz (weak signal alert and low battery): The remote control features 2.4 GHz 2-day radio control technology.It has 2 excellent weak signal and low battery alert functions.You can check the power and status of the signal while flying the drone thanks to the light indicator and the alarm sent by the remote control.

· 4 in 1 ESC (lock and protection against high temperatures): ESC with built-in auto-lock protection and lock protection against high temperatures.Prevents you from worrying about the engine and shutting down because it has broken down.

· 3D Movements: When you learn how to perform basic moves with skill, you can try to make more risky moves. Fly the quadcopter to a height of more than 1 m above the ground. Press the rotation button and move the joystick in any direction: the quadcopter will turn to the direction you have indicated.

· Weight: 125 g

· WiFi: 40m-70m

· Main Features: Diagonal Distance: 250 mm Flight Controller: GR303B.Frame Material: pure nylon fibre material Gross weight: approx. 370 g.Flight time: approx. 10 ~ 12 minutes continuousFlight distance: approx. 200 ~ 300 m.Maximum speed: 80 km/h FPV camera upgrade (ASIN): Specifications: Model camera: Camera C5830 FPV.FPV TX: 5,8G - 500 MW.Antenna: 5,8G.Other features: 3D Movements: Press the 360° rotation button on the controller and simultaneously move the joystick forward/backward or left/right and the drone will rotate in all 4 directions.Very bright LED search lights: Make the flight more interesting and attractive during the night.The package includes a set of protection for the propellers for beginners, mount it at first to avoid damage or dangerous.Note: In our experience, almost 90% of problems are due to improper operation. Therefore, be sure to read the instructions for use and frequently asked questions carefully. guaranteed) - Yeah. —

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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