· Gens Ace Lipo 3S 2200mah 11.1V 25C RC Battery with T-Plug for Helicopter Plane FPV Quadcopter Drone Black Spare Parts RC Car

· Fast recharge, long cycle life (minimum 150 times), up to energy density 200Wh / kg.

· Parameter: Weight, 184g; Dimension (L * X * H) 106 * 34 * 24mm; T plug connector.

· Applications: 450 size helicopter, glider and EPP.

· High quality: Provide stable and continuous power, keep flight safe and high speed. Our batteries are authorized by ISO9001, ISO14001.

· Suitable for: QAV250 450 Quad Walkera E22 QAV180/210 small heli EPP 3D plane 800MM Warbirds 450 helicopter size, glider and EPP Spec: - Weight: 184g - Voltage: 11.1V - Capacity: 2200mAh - Discharge Connector: T plug - Dimensions: 106 * 34 * 24MM - Balance Connector: JST-XH - Product Type: LiPo Battery - Maximum continuous discharge: 25C (55A ) - Maximum discharge peak: 50C (110A) Features: It has high strength, long life and a reasonable weight. Low IR: Provides stable voltage until the end of the mission. specially adapted for each type and UAV RC car/boat / helicopter type. We are specialists in the manufacture of high Lipo batteries. Progress strict match, excellent consistency.

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