· Hubsan — Drone Smartphone, h216 a

· Built in 1080P resolution with 2M camera

· Function: GPS, headless mode, expert mode, altitude maintained, one key for start, follow me, route point

· Flight time: about 10 minutes. Flight distance: about 50m.

· Image and video function. Memory card support: up to 32G

· Backpack included in the package: take your drone everywhere without hindrance

· Drone Beginners TRAINING COURSE: Step 1 - Synchronization: 1. Fully charge the battery, turn on the drone and place it on a flat surface. The LED lights will blink quickly and slow down in 3 seconds; 3. set the remote control, the indicator will blink slowly.Then push the left lever up, then return to the bottom, the control indicator and the LED lights will light up simultaneously. This means that the synchronization has been done correctly.Step 2 - How to calibrate the drone: After you have performed the synchronization, and before you start the flight do not forget to calibrate the drone with the control signals: push the two levers to the bottom right and hold them for a moment, the LED lights will blink quickly and quickly. will stop after a few seconds, done this, release the levers and calibration will be done.Step 3 - Make use of the throttle lever and control the drone manually: This is the MORE IMPORTANT part and you need practice, having performed the calibration of the drone, push up the throttle levers slowly to take off the drone. During this process, try to use the accelerator slowly and understand how it works, after you are familiar with the throttle lever, it will be easy to control the drone manually, and you can proceed to the next step.Step 4 - Use the steering mode with control: All drones have indicated the parts of the head and back by LED lights or color propellers. Users are required to identify the drone front when they fly. In case it is difficult at first, try with CONTROL ADDRESS MODE. Press the left button at the top of the remote control to enter the CONTROL ADDRESS MODE.

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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