· Power Inverter 200W 12V to 220V BESTEK Portable Travel Transformer Converter with 4 USB Outputs, 2 AC Outlets (with Car Cigarette Lighter), Modified Wave Converter with Protection, White

· NEED TRAVEL - A box with 4 USB outputs (5V, 4.2A) + 2 AC outlets, You can charge 4 phones at the same time, compatible with iphone, ipad, samsung and devices powered worse usb. Fixed the pregnancy situation because there is not enough plug when traveling by car.

· COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: The size as an Iphone plus (6.5 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches), Lightweight (400g, eats a mela); Noise is quieter than similar products, Intelligent Detect for faster charging possible for Laptop, TV, Camera, Drone, GoPro, Satellite Navigation, Gaming Machine, Camping DVD, GPS, Lamp, Mobile, Tablet, MP3 , mp4, etc.

· HIGH SAFETY - Protection of overvoltage, low voltage, overload, over current, overheating and short circuit; Charger with built-in fuses; Start Delay and Soft Start; Fans with temperature control.

· Fire retardant material - PC V0 (UL94), UV glossy finish is a shock proof, pressure, heat, fire resistance effectively.

· Includes RescuePro Deluxe file recovery software (1 year free subscription; registration required)

· Ideally suitable for journeys, camping, tents, boat trip, working on the road and everywhere, where there is electricity! The inverter converts the input battery voltage from DC 11V-15V (DC) into AC 230V ± 10V (± 3HZ 50HZ, AC) 4 SMART USB (5V, 4.2A,) + 2 AC TOMAS - Fast charging for laptop, TV, camera, drone, GoPro, satellite navigation, DVD, GPS, mobile, tablet, mp3, mp4, etc. Multi Protection Overvoltage, Low Voltage, Overload, Overcurrent, Overheating and Short Circuit Boot Delay and Soft Start - Smoothes the switching on abrupt current spikes that burn pilot transistor and the final Fans - When it reaches a certain temperature, the fan will work for temperature control NOTE 1. This inverter can not charge iron, hair dryer, arricciacappelli, inductive charging and similar devices. 2. Be careful not to plug the cooling fan aside, otherwise the risk of overheating is around the corner. 3. DO NOT place products that require more than 200W to be powered SPECIFICATIONS Output: AC 230V ± 10V 200W / 50HZ ± 3HZ; USB DC 5V ± 0.25V, 4.2A (4.8AMAX) Rated Power: AC + USB = 200W The USB Output Curly: ≤ 300mVp-P Overload Protection: 230W AC Output Isolation Resistance: 300Vac / 5 mA / 1min Efficiency Transfer: ≥ 89% (Output Power / Input Power) * 100% Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 40 ℃ Humidity: 10 ~ 85% Size: 165mm * 82mm * 40mm Weight: 400 ± 10 g LED Indicator Constant Green - Power On and Function Red FLASHING- AC output load is too high Constant Red - 1. The inverter turns on 2. Self-protection

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