· MODELTRONIC Drone MJX X601H Stable Altitude WiFi Camera C4015 FPV 720P Gold

· It incorporates the Headless system, return button system and flight plan.

· Dual Protection System: The motors are protected by shutting down when something blocks them.

· 3 gyroscopes, 3 accelerometers with 6 axes of stabilization.

· LCD transmitter in 2.4Ghz free of interference.

· Includes bracket for mounting AEE or Gopro cameras

· WiFi: 40m-70m

· Drone MJX X601H stable altitude with WIFI C4015 FPV 720P camera. New flight control card including headless headless mode. The headless function has been introduced to maintain the direction of the transmitter controls for the pilot regardless of the orientation of the X601H. In other words, the pilot has no need to reverse the controls when, for example, the Quadcopter is flying in its direction, the nose of the quadcopter is directed to the pilot. The left control is maintained as the left control, the right of the right, etc.., regardless of the orientation of the drone. This feature is particularly suitable for beginners and / or pilot who want to bring a camera to film. This function uses a magnetometer (compass detects magnetic north) taking its reference on the ground when you turn on the X601H and is initializing. That is, from the station whenever it activates to go forward, the hexacopter will advance, and so in all directions, it will never lose its course nor will it need to rotate the drone in flight to position it in the correct position of its front. The flight in HEADLESS mode can be switched on and off from the station. RETURN BUTTON function, pressing the button from the station returns the drone to the approximate point where the station is located.

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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