· Potensic Mini Drone, WiFi FPV Drone Quadcopter with Camera, Remote Control and Altitude Maintenance for Beginners and Children

· ◆ GRAVITY INDUCTION MODE: By activating the gravity induction mode, you can control the drone forward/back/left/right with the movement of the mobile device. This is so much fun while you play.

· ◆ HD CAMERA & FPV: This drone is equipped with an HD camera and a 2.4Ghz controller. Use Wifi to connect the drone to your mobile device: the HD camera will record and stream photos and videos in real time, allowing you to fly with the drone and enjoy every moment.

· ◆ HEADLESS MODE: You can activate headless mode at the beginning of the flight, no need to distinguish the direction of the drone and you can control it more easily.

· ◆ A CLEAR AND LANDING KEY: Intelligent operation for beginners: If you find it difficult to start and land the drone, you can use the button directly, the drone will automatically shut off and maintain a certain altitude / terrain gently. Good gift for children and beginners.

· Precautionary rotating parts can cause injury.

· Note: the control distance of 15 meters.Potensic Wifi FPV Mini Drone UFO RC Quadcopter Altitide Hold Drone 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Gyro Headless Mode Remote Control Drone Nano Quadcopter with RTF Mode The best mini drone for you Drone Potensic A20W, don´t miss it! * Altitude maintenance * Speed adjustment * Wifi FPV * Headless Mode * Low battery and alarm out of range * A take-off / landing button Take off button Click this icon and it will turn red soon. The drone will fly automatically and continue to fly. Landing button Click on this icon and the icon turns red, the drone will fly slowly and land on the ground. All propellers will also stop. Altitude maintenance mode Block the height of the flight, it will give you easier control of the flight. You can release one of your hands to control the vertical direction, just focus forward, backward, left and right. Low battery alarm When the drone battery is low, the transmitter will beep di-di... to activate the alarm and remind you to fly the drone as soon as possible to avoid losing it and get rid of worries. Alarm out of range When the drone will exceed the flight range, then the transmitter will beep didi... didi... didi... to be alarmed, you need to fly back the drone in a controllable area, otherwise the drone will be out of control

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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