· Drone with 720P HD camera, Potensic RC Quadcopter RTF Altitude Hold, Airplane with Optical Flow Positioning, Headless Mode WiFi FPV 2.4Ghz, Landing and Take Off Functions, U36W Black

· Height Stabilization Function: An easy and comfortable mode for beginners and children which is the sleep mode at the desired height to fly by air pressure to perform this function. In this mode, you can adjust the drone at a predetermined height and go to any position quickly without difficulty, easy to take photos from any angle and corner, ideal for beginners.

· HEADLESS MODE - Do not have more confusion in the direction: If you are a beginner or a child, you can and worry the direction (especially not sensitive about the direction), then you can activate the unvision/vision mode at the beginning of the flight, so that it is not necessary to distinguish the direction directly, and you can fly the drone easily.

· TAKE OFF / LANDING / EMERGENCY STOP BUTTON - Intelligent Function for Beginners or Child: If you feel with difficulty starting and landing the drone, you can use the button Take Off / Landing directly, the drone will automatically take off and maintain a certain altitude / or on the ground slightly. When an emergency situation occurs, press the emergency stop button, the engines will stop working and the drone will fall directly.

· OUT OF RANGE ALARM - No more worries about losing the drone: When the drone goes out the flight range, then the transmitter will sound didi... didi... didi... if you sound this alarm you will have to make the drone in the controllable area otherwise the drone will be out of control and will be lost.

· Precautionary rotating parts can cause injury.

· Potensic Drone Features: Easy Control and Stable Flight: Unlike other drones, you will not need to use throttle control due to altitude suspension mode, the drum will be easy to operate at altitude once the stick returns to the center. One button takeoff / landing / EMERGENCY STOP. HD 720P camera in real time: Unlike normal drones with so-called HD cameras, it comes with a real 720P HD and a wide angle of 120 degrees. The quality of Live View reaches 720P, the performance, if not comparable to advanced drones, will be quite good.VR Mode: Click on the VR icon to activate the split screen mode of the mobile. Use VR glasses to have fun with real-time 3D visualisation.Important Tips: Not suitable for children under 14 years. To be used under the supervision of an adult.The flight range must be within 40M to avoid losing the dron.To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.Mobile application: Flyingsee.Support iOS 8.0 + / Android 4.1.2 +. A variety of flight mode control, including camera and video.SpecificationsNumber of propellers: 4FPV function with RV goggle mode It can be operated with the controller or with the smartphoneSize: 19,8 × 18,3 × 4.3 cmWeight: 85 grPropeller diameter: 66 mm Flight time: between 5 and 7 minutesMaximum flight distance: 50 metersMaximum distance for FPV transmission: 30 metersCamera resolution: 720pBattery capacity: 350 mCharging time: 60 min Controller frequency: 2.4 GHzPackage contentRon Potensic U36W NavigatorRemote controller 2.4 GHz350 mAh Battery charger USB4 spare propellerUser annual

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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