· Potensic Drone with 720P HD Camera WiFi FPV 2.4Ghz Drone U48WH WiFi FPV 2.4Ghz Remote Control Altitude Suspension Function, Headless Mode, 3D Flips with 4G Memory Card

· WiFi FPV LIVE: You can use your Smartphone to receive camera images via WiFi stream in real time, also allows you to record videos and take photos by drone camera. Videos and photos will be saved to your mobile and you can share them even edit them. It is ideal for beginners and people without much experience.

· Automatic protection for propeller. When the propeller is stuck, it stops automatically. 3D Flips: It is a new feature that incorporates this model through which, by pressing a button on the controller, the drone does an acrobatics, a spin and a 360º pirouette that looks quite spectacular.

· FLIPS 3D: It is a new function that incorporates this model through which, by pressing a button located on the controller, the drone performs an acrobatics, a 360º rotation that is quite spectacular. This is achieved by downloading an application (in the instructions there is the QR code for downloading on Android and iOS). With this app and our mobile phone connected to it we will enjoy a lot more of the experience.

· 720P HD CAMERA AND 2 EXTRA BATTERIES: The drone comes equipped with an HP 720P camera without focus, but still provides a good picture. It also includes 2 batteries in the box, for more hours of flying and fun.

· Backpack included in the package: take your drone everywhere without hindrance

· 3D Flips: The drone comes with another nice feature that is a 360 degree pirouette and swivel button.6-axis gyroscopic stabilization: The 3 axes and 3 accelerometers provide a more stable and fast ride even in soft wind conditions, a high density elastic anti-collision plastic frame can withstand more accidents than normal drones. First person view: The drone equipped with HD WiFi camera, you can easily control the drone with the phone via a wifi connection, watch and save live videos directly on your smartphone.Important tips: Engines are naturally spent due to the generated heat. Be sure to cool the engines and receive the card after 2 or 3 flights to prolong their service life.Before synchronizing, make sure that the battery is fully charged, the ground is flat and horizontal, first turn on the transmitter and then the fastener, the two operations must be completed in 2 seconds, if you still have difficulties to connect, restart the drone and the controller, perform the synchronization again.Before flying, make sure that the propellers are installed correctly, if not, either tilted to the side or swinging.List: 1 x Potential Drone U48WH1 x 2.4 GHz Transmitter (4 AA batteries NOT INCLUDED) 2 x 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po batteries (1 installed, 1 battery) Replacement) 1 x SD1 card reader 1 x USB battery charging cable8 x Propellers (4 already installed to the drone, 4 others spare) 1 x English manual 1 x Mobile holder/1 x Screwdriver

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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