· Sphero R001ROW, Electronic Robot Droid BB-8 Star Wars (R001ROW)

· Bluetooth Smart connection allows gyroscope propulsion within 30 m radius

· Induction charging base provides 60 minutes of battery life

· Compatible with the Force Band wrist strap for gesture control

· Free apps for iOS and Android; activate adaptive personality and allow you to watch holographic recordings

· Sphero BB-8 and trade; BB-8 is the new Droid and trade; in the block and it is not difficult to see why everyone is new favorite character Star Wars & trade; franchise. Not only is he very cute, but he is also very smart and has personality bags. Easy to control with an app from your phone or tablet your movements are authentic and very unique. Even recognize and understand the voice so you can order it using your voice. He has built on autonomous behavior that allows you to wander around and discover your surroundings independently! Learn and evolve your behavior based on interactions, smart, huh? Despite his loyalty is not completely obedient, he has a mind of his own and will develop in a unique way. This is why it´s more than just a toy, it´s a partner. Like your remote cousin droid R2-D2 and trade; you can record and view holographic messages via the free phone app. Projects your messages on any surface using augmented reality technology. The future is here. Don´t worry him wandering around his house on his own because he has robust, agile and smart enough to stay out of trouble. This makes it the best possible companion to explore the universe of Star Wars together.

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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