· Propel SW-1003 Star Wars 74-Z Speeder Quadcopter Battle Drone

· Have fun fighting with other Star Wars quadcopter drones from Propel, including laser fighting

· It is a numbered edition for collectors

· Real flight simulator that teaches new pilots how to fly and experienced pilots how to improve their skills

· New reverse drive blade system reaches speeds over 56 Kph

· Precautionary rotating parts can cause injury.

· The Drone Speeder Bike 74-Z Star Wars is a drone of the Propel brand in the shape of the Speeder Bike 74-Z Star Wars. It reaches a maximum speed of 56 km/h which makes it virtually unreachable and can also make turns in 360°. It is also accompanied by an application designed for Android and iOS that connects the drone with your smartphone. This application serves to teach you how to control the drone and to perfect the flight technique of the most experienced pilots. It has a system of emission and reception of infrared rays based on Li-Fi technology, with which you will have a great time fighting in your own battles. Gather your friends and defend the honor of the Empire in battles of up to 24 drones flying simultaneously. With 3 shots your ship will descend until it lands.Includes 1 Drone Speeder Bike 74-Z Star Wars, 1 control station, 1 Li-po battery, 1 USB cable, 1 wall charger and 1 user manual. The control transmitter is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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