· Star Wars BB 8 Special Edition Electronic Robot Droid BB-8 with Force Band Bracelet (Sphero R001SAP)

· Combat training mode gives you the feeling of handling a lightsaber, fighting with a blaster, or channeling force

· Force Awareness Mode reveals digital holocons in your environment and allows you to collect them in the app

· Guide your BB-8 with your iPhone, iPad or Force Band

· Create a holographic communication record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8

· Precautionary rotating parts can cause injury.

· A faithful memory of valuable information and a brave ally, this Droid is full of features and will stop at nothing to complete its mission. Keep the BB-8 sharp with Augmented Reality Droid Trainer and explore holographic simulations of the Star Wars galaxy. The BB-8 watch interacts with other drops enabled for the Sphero Star Wars app and watch movies from the Star Wars saga with BB-8 reacting on your side. BB-8 is more than a Droid - it´s a companion. Channel the force with Sphero´s Star Wars Force Band and simply twist your hand like a Jedi Knight to control the fall of the battalion´s BB-8 app. Everything works together with the companion app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The Battle-Worn BB-8 - a survivor of heavy fighting in the sands of Jakku is part of a special edition package.

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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