· Propel SW-1001 Star Wars Tie Fighter Quadcopter Battle Drone

· Have fun fighting with other Star Wars quadcopter drones from Propel, including laser fighting

· It is a numbered edition for collectors

· Real flight simulator that teaches new pilots how to fly and experienced pilots how to improve their skills

· New reverse drive blade system reaches speeds over 56 Kph

· Precautionary rotating parts can cause injury.

· The Drone TIE Fighter Advanced X1 Star Wars is a drone of the brand Propel that shows in detail the ship of the Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. You can perform 360º maneuvers. Just press the button on the control station and enjoy the incredible pirouettes you perform. In addition, the quadcopter has 3 speeds, adapting to the pilot´s flight level and its propulsion system helps him reach 56 km/hour, going from 0 to 30 in just 3 seconds. It incorporates Bluetooth technology to connect to the app, available for iOS and Android devices. The app offers a real flight simulator that teaches pilots how to fly and more experienced pilots how to improve their skills and be ready for battle! Drone TIE Fighter Advanced X1 Star Wars is equipped with lightning based on Li-Fi technology that allows you to reproduce the battles of the Star Wars universe. That is, it comes equipped with Li-Fi technology to take on other Star Wars drones and live true infrared battles. Darth Vader´s ship is capable of facing up to 24 drones. Don´t let them hit you! Every time a laser beam hits your ship, the remote will vibrate. You got three chances! On the third, the TIE Fighter drone will start an emergency landing and you will be out of the battle.Drone TIE Fighter Advanced X1 Star Wars emits real lights and sounds, drawn from Star Wars movies. This way, novice pilots and experienced Star Wars fans are able to relive the epic battles of the saga and feel like Darth Vader. Includes 1 TIE Fighter Advanced X1 Star Wars drone, 1 control station, 1 Li-Po battery, USB cable, wall charger and user manualThe control station runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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