· Mini Drone FPV Phantom Pro + VR Glasses | 720P HD Camera | Height Control | Ideal Starter

· Transmit Real Time Video to Smartphone | FPV to Mobile

· 720P HD Camera for Photos and Videos

· Height Control Function

· Auto Take-Off and Landing Function

· Weight: 125 g

· WiFi: 40m-70m

· • Height Control, which allows drones to maintain a constant altitude without dropping the drone if we release the gas stick! This function is ideal for those who have never handled a drone. It makes getting started a piece of cake! • HD camera 2MP 720p adjustable 75º with FPV to Smartphone: This combination makes it different from the rest of most FPV to Smartphone drones. Usually these drones store photos and videos directly on the mobile device. • Pilotable from the Smartphone or Tablet: You can use the drone without the transmitter in two ways: touch, with the controls drawn on the phone screen, or by Gravity, simply orienting the phone thanks to its accelerometers. • Includes VR Glasses: Pilot the Drone like never before and experience what professional racing drone drivers feel thanks to the VR Glasses for Smartphone included in the package. To do this, select the 3D option in the App. Features of the Mini Phantom Pro Drone • FPV system to Smartphone via its free Android and iOS App. • The Mini Phantom Pro allows you to take off and land automatically. • Height Control function to keep the Drone in a position in the air. • Automatic Orientation function to know the direction of flight and return. Automatic at the push of a button. • Includes colored LEDs for night flights. • Equipped with 6-axis gyroscope for more stable and easier flights. • Propeller protectors and raised landing gear for durability • Allows 360º loopings at the touch of a button. • Equipped with HD FPV camera for take pictures and videos • Includes VR glasses to be able to fly in the first person. • The camera is adjustable 75° vertically from the station. • Pilotable directly from the smartphone without using the transmitter. Requires: • AA batteries for Transmitter.

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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