· Top Race TR-Q511 Quad Camera, Quad 4-Channel Ultra Stable Copter Drone with Camera & Video Recording Functions, 1 Return Key and Headless Mode Option

· Easy to fly, easy to use, picture adjustment and video recording with 1 press of a button

· 1 key return option and headless mode option facilitates remote control, 6-axis gyroscope system, 2.4 Ghz transmitter

· Includes: Top Race Quad Remote Controlled Camera, Charging Cable, 2GB Micro SD Card, Card Reader, Additional Parts, Manual

· Full Motion: Up/Down, Forward/Back, Left/Right, Left/Right Turn, Up, Down Drift and Flip

· Backpack included in the package: take your drone everywhere without hindrance

· The TR-Q511 Quad copter Drone is an amazing Quad copter and probably the most stable remote controlled with a camera on the market comes equipped with a built-in camera and video recorder, built with a 6-axis gyroscope for greater system stability that makes you a great purchase even for those new to aircraft Remote Controlled, comes with a 2.4GHz transmitter for indoor and outdoor use, and a range of over 300 feet. The TR-Q511 has a return key feature so you can bring back the drone if you lose control or are too far away, just press the return button and automatically will fly to the transmitter, another great option this drone has is the headless mode option that makes it very useful when you have to fly too much far away and you do not know where the drone is, it will respond to the transmitter by pulling the lever, it will return to you by pulling the lever, it will go further in the direction of the drone. Record your exciting moments from an angle you´ve never been able to. The complete movement: Up/Down, Forward/Back, Left/Right, Rotate Left/Right, Up, Down Drift, and flip ready to fly easy to use, video recording and image adjustment with the push of a button, as easy as they say, fly, press RECORD on transmitter, pull out the micro SD card, and watch it on a computer. Great Christmas gift or birthday gift, enjoy your flight!

Control Method
Camera and/or FPV
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