QWinOut Q650 3K Carbon Fiber 6-Axls Aircraft Folding Arm FPV Drone UAV Quadcopter Frame Kit with Landing Gear Skid for DIY Aircraft Helicopter

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It adopts 3K pure carbon carbon fiber board and With 3K Hollow Twill Pure Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber Tube (non-3K glass tube) for full CNC machining.
with Foldable arm, Wheelbase diameter: 650MM. Entire rack weighs only 695 grams.
The two-color eye-catching color overall shape design has a strong viewing angle impact.
Designed for users with high portability requirements, it is especially suitable for monitoring, remote sensing, surveying, aerial surveying, fire observation, life exploration, cable inspection, farm monitoring, etc, which are high requirements on moving performance, light loading, and long flying time.
With medium load (such as small digital camera, small single camera, etc.), suitable for a variety of small-scale aerial photography (photo, video) with the ground station system can achieve a variety of light load mission operations.
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