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· Yuneec Typhoon H - Drones with Camera (Black, Lithium Polymer, Lithium Ion)

· The station has 16 channels, with an ergonomic and practical design, allows a distance range of 600 meters

· 7 touch screen displays video in real time up to a distance of 400 meters

· Includes intelligent flight modes to set its trajectory, orbit it around an object or follow you while recording you

· (12-month warranty) Metakoo offers 12-month limited warranty and lifetime technical support for all drones in our store. Please contact us directly if any editions, we are always here to help you.

· Yuneec Typhoon H. Number of rotors: 6 rotors. Megapixels: 12.4 MP, Maximum video resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels. Maximum speed: 19.4 m/s, Maximum weight capacity: 1.8 kg, Maximum operating distance: 122 m. Movement control functions: Back, Descending, Forward, Left turn, Right turn, Ascending. Battery technology: Lithium polymer, Battery capacity: 5400 mAh. GPS support. Color of product: Black Weight and dimensions -Width: 520 mm -Depth: 457 mm -Height: 294 mm -Weight: 1.96 kg Management features -Motion control functions: Back, Descending, Forward, Left Turn, Right Turn, Ascending -Flight Modes: Follow Me Mode, Tracking Mode -Configurable Flight Limits : Yes Camera -Megapixels: 12.4 MP -Maximum video resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels -Video resolutions: 1920 x 1080,3840 x 2160 pixels -Supported video format: 720p -Transmission capacity: Yes -Maximum frame speed: 30 pps Package contents -Remote control: Yes -Batteries included: Yes -Transmitter: Yes -User manual: Si -Number of blades: 6 Battery -Battery technology: Lithium polymer -Battery capacity: 5400 mAh -Battery voltage: 14.8 V -Battery capacity (watt-hour): 79.9 Wh -Working time: 22 min -Transmitter battery technology: Lithium-Ion -Transmitter battery capacity: 8700 mAh Design -Color of product: Black Transmitter -Frequency of operation: 5.8 -Number of transmission channels: 16 Features -Number of rotors: 6 rotors -Maximum speed: 19.4 m/s -Maximum capacity of

· Yuneec Typhoon Q500 Multicopter

· Flight time is up to 25 minutes

· Transmitter command: 10 channels at 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz downstream video link

· It has 3 flight modes, Smart, Angle and Home modes

· GRAVITY SENSOR: The pocket mini drone was equipped with a smart gravity sensor. The mosaic address of the mini drone will be consistent with the mosaic address of the mobile phone

· The Typhoon G is a modular and integrated system. Features the ST-10 +, 5.5 touch screen remote OS Android operating system. It also brings a 3 axis gimbal GB203 for GoPro HeroTM (compatible 3, 3 +, 4 Silver and Black Edition), as well as the MK58 digital video link. It includes the STEADYGRIP that increases the use of the gimbal for shooting images on the ground, together with the CGO APP allows its control from your Smartphone just as from the ST-10 +. With the Yuneec Typhoon G it has never been easier to capture photos and video sequences being able to use your GoPro camera

· Yuneec Typhon Q500 4K Drones with Camera (4K, 2.4/5 .8, 1080p) Black

· User-controlled video resolution with white balance and light exposure

· 12 MP photos with a non-distortion lens

· 4K and FullHD video recording

· Functions: Up / Down, Left / Right, Forward / Back, Side Fight, Turn Left/Right and One Button 360 Degree Swings

· The Yuneec Q500 + 4K allows you to make videos in Ultra High Definition (or also UHD) in 4k format, offering you unparalleled visual results. The 5.400mAh battery of 11.1V allows the pilot to obtain a flight range of up to 25 minutes, St10 + transmitter of 10ch and 5.8Ghz, with touch screen of 5.5 and retransmits videos in real time with a distance range of up to 600 meters. Quality of the CGO3 camera that offers up to 4K resolution. Make 3840x2160 UHD (Ultra High Definition) videos. Camera with a 115 degree viewing angle, a wide angle perfect for capturing landscapes. 12 megapixel photo. Includes three flight modes that you can change as you want to direct your Yuneec: Smart, Angle and Home. Follow me mode, Watch me mode. Radio with touch screen, through which you can view videos, images and flight data in real time. You can adjust video resolution (HD or UHD), perform white balance, or shoot photos while recording. The 10-channel station gives you complete and easy control as it has buttons dedicated to changing the flight mode, controlling the camera angle (up to 90°), speed or taking photos and videos at the touch of a button. Includes the CGO Steadygrip V3 handheld gimbal for shooting and shooting from the ground. In addition, the CGO3 includes microphone. It is compatible with the camera CGO2 GB, CGO2 +, CGO3, GoPro Hero Black and the gimbal GB203 (these last two components from the Typhoon G). The production of professional audiovisual reports and works is now within easy reach.

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