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· Photography and drones (FotoRuta)

· PHOTOGRAPHS AND Drones Complete guide to becoming an expert edited by J editors

· Drone Pilots (RPAS): TAS Flight Club Training Team

· Drones (RPAS) should be considered as new types of aircraft, therefore they should be governed by regulations governing the risk of each operation, since the operator is responsible for their use. Their manoeuvres must be integrated into airspace, and the technology needed to achieve that end must be developed, particularly on the basis of safety criteria. Spain has regulation of civilian use of remotely piloted aircraft, according to Law 18/2014, of 15 October, approving urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency, which has allowed the development of the sector with more than 100 companies enabled to work with drones. This regulation has two main objectives: to facilitate its development and to guarantee the security of operations and the privacy rights of society. This book is a valuable tool in the training programs of drone pilots, as it collects the agenda required by the Administration. It is mainly focused on the teachings that allow obtaining the Degree of Professional Drone Pilot (RPAS). It will also be very useful for professionals and fans in the field of remotely piloted aircraft who wish to train and expand their knowledge. The authors, who constitute the Training Team of the TAS Flight Club, are commercial pilots and engineers who develop remote control manned aircraft projects for the industry and provide the theoretical content of this book with the necessary practical vision of the sector. In addition, they have a long teaching experience in the field of aircraft pilot training. The TAS Flight Club, an approved Aeronautical Training Centre (ATO), is a reference in the training of drone pilots (RPAS) in Spain and one of the pioneering teaching centers enabled for the delivery of this course.

· Aerial photography with drones (Photoclub)

· Drones have been a complete revolution, yet there is enormous confusion about what they are and what they can do. This book offers Eric Cheng´s complete guide to learn how to manage a drone and take advantage of unlimited opportunities

· Drones Pilot (RPAS): Volume I - Part I. Aircraft.

· In the digital book “SAMPLE OF THE CONTENT of Drones Pilot (RPAS)”, you can see a tour of all the chapters of the complete book and, if you are interested, you can purchase the complete work in “Kindle format” or “Paperback” format, knowing the general appearance and development of the whole work.If you want to know more about the Flight concepts of the three types (fixed wing, helicopters and multirotors), how drones work and their parts and components in the most graphic way (585 full color illustrations in 460 pages) and in the most intuitive and didactic order, this is your book. Subjects developed with more depth and extension than those requested in the document of the State Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) “APPENDIX I, revision 3 (27/07/2018), Acceptable MEANS of COMPLIANCE RELATING TO THE TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION OF PILIANS OPERATING AIRCRAFT BY REMOTE CONTROL (Articles 33, 34, 35, and 38 of RD 1036/2017” .The work is divided into two volumes, of which is the first: • Volume I. Part I. Aircraft (flight principles, stability and cargo, performance, knowledge of the aircraft and its systems, maneuvers, historical overview). • Volume II.- Part II. Useful for flight (communications, complete syllables to obtain certification of RPAS radio player, navigation, and meteorology) .- Part III. Performance and policy (human factors, operational procedures, air regulation).


· La obra se dedica a la descripción de cómo se genera un mapa, proyecciones, coordenadas y resto de datos topográficos del terreno y cómo interpretarlos, cómo se estructura la información de los espacios aeronáuticos y cómo interpretarlos, donde conseguir esta información y cómo se genera un plan operativo de vuelo, teniendo en cuenta las informaciones del terreno y los espacios aéreos en los que se realiza.Materias desarrolladas con más profundidad y extensión que los solicitados en el documento de la Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA) «APÉNDICE I, revisión 3 (27/07/2018), MEDIOS ACEPTABLES DE CUMPLIMIENTORELATIVOS A LA FORMACIÓN Y CERTIFICACIÓN DE LOS PILOTOS QUE OPEREN AERONAVES PILOTADAS POR CONTROL REMOTO (artículos 33, 34, 35, y 38 del RD 1036/2017.


· Con la entrada en vigor del Real Decreto 1036/2017 de 15 de Diciembre, los pilotos RPAS que realicen operaciones aéreasen espacio aéreo controlado deben disponer de los conocimientos de radiotelefonía necesarios para establecer comunicación con los servicios de control aéreo ATS.En el libro se describen la estructura de los servicios de tráfico aéreo, los espacios aéreos, la descripción de las transmisiones radioeléctricas y la terminología y lenguaje relativo a las comunicaciones entre controles de tráfico y las aeronaves.. Con el objetivo de que tú, piloto de drones, puedas entender e identificar estando a la escucha «qué» está ocurriendo y «donde» en el tráfico aéreo, así como que puedas comunicar tu situación e intenciones a los controladores aéreos cuando estés realizando una operación de vuelo autorizada y estés autorizado para ello.

· Ebook: Drones (Innovation Trends Series)

· Now you can download a new ebook of the Innova Trends Series of BBVA Innovation Center, dedicated to drones.

· The Drone Pilots Handbook

· Practical guide. The Wonderful World of Drones: From Beginners in the World of Drones to Become a Professional Pilot

· In this book you will learn everything you need to know about drones in a simple language without technicalities. Discover how drones work, how to make them fly, how to choose the right model, how to take amazing photos and videos from the heights, and much more. Drones as a profession, current legislation, drone pilot courses and much more. From beginners to the most expensive and professional models on the market. Drones are in fashion. Their use has multiplied all over the world due to the decline in the prices of devices and the multiplication of their commercial functions. Fans have discovered the aeromodelismo shops and professionals are striving to offer more and more products. Aerial photos, recordings of farms, agricultural control, sports assistance, etc.Flying machines have arrived to stay. Drones are fashionable, both as a video-photographic resource for audiovisual production and as a fun for the amateur audience. To say that with regard to the professional issue, we are facing a new and recent profession: Professional drone pilot. They are highly sought after and well paid. They´re here and it´s to stay.

· Basic meteorology for drones

· This book aims to bring in depth the world of drones, fundamentally of a multi-rotor type, both from a technical aspect and from the operational in different professional applications. It is studied both from history and from current applications in such important sectors as industrial, agricultural, cartography and aerial filming, including application and pilot information for each case. A book full of information and practical advice on piloting, flight permit management, technical information on operating principles, sensorical, payload, control stations, batteries, equipment optimization, etc.An eminently practical work for all those who wish to know in depth the world of professional drones multi-rotor type.

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