Drone with 4K Camera RC Quadcopter for Adults, 1640ft Long Range Video Transmission, 3-Axis Gimbal, 46Mins Flight Time GPS Auto Return and Follow Me, Circle Fly, Waypoint Fly, Altitude Hold

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Aerial Photography and Videography: 4K integrated camera with 110° wide-angle and 90° adjustable provides a high resolution picture. Designed to deliver professional-grade imaging, our drones feature 5G Wi-Fi transmission, high-resolution lenses, image stabilization technology, and adjustable settings for optimal image and video capture. From scenic landscapes to action-packed adventures, our drones enable you to document your experiences like never before.
Intelligent Flight Modes and Automation: Our drones offer a range of intelligent flight modes and automation features that make flying easier and more enjoyable. With options such as GPS Follow, Route Planning, and Fly Around 360°, you can effortlessly capture dynamic shots and perform complex maneuvers. These intelligent features allow you to focus on creativity and storytelling, while the drone handles the technical aspects of flight.
Safety and Reliability : We prioritize the safety and reliability of our drones. They are equipped with advanced flight control systems, and GPS technology to ensure stable and secure flights. Return-to-Home functionality and intelligent fail-safe features provide added peace of mind, bringing the drone back to its takeoff point or landing safely in case of signal loss or low battery. Trust in our drones for a safe and reliable flying experience.
Compact and Portable Design: Designed with portability in mind, our drones are compact and easy to carry, making them perfect for travel and outdoor adventures. Foldable arms and lightweight construction enable you to pack your drone conveniently and take it wherever your journey leads. Whether you're exploring remote locations or documenting your travels, our drones are the ideal companion for capturing stunning aerial imagery on the go.
Better Flight Experience: 2 batteries give you up to 46 minutes flight experience. With longer flight durations, you can cover more ground, capture more footage, and fully immerse yourself in aerial exploration. And functions like App-Controlled, Altitude Hold, Optical Flow, Headless Mode, Obstacle Avoidance, One Key Take Off/Landing and Speed Adjust make it so easy to beginners or newbies.
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