Hooshion Drone Remote Controller Bike Mount Aluminium Alloy Bicycle Handbar Clamp Mount Bike Holder for DJI Mavic Air 2

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It is suitable for DJI mavic air 2 drone remote controller .When the drone is in the sky with the smart follow function, it is convenient to watch the shooting picture while riding.
The bicycle clamp mount part is made of high quality aluminium alloy material which is strong and durable ,there is a sponge mat inside ,it is non-slip and add firm fixing strength .These connection part is adjustable , you can adjust the angle .
The remote controller and phone clamp mount part is made of high quality plastic material ,it used 3D printing technology ,it fits the remote controller well and clamps firmly .
The USB-C hole is reserved, and the remote control can be charged without removing the bracket.
Quick installation and quick disassembly design, with extended handle screws, easier and labor-saving operation, no screwdriver is needed.

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