Master Airscrew Stealth Propellers for DJI Air 2S - Black, 4 pcs

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LONGER FLIGHT TIME - Improved efficiency offer up to 4% longer flight time compared to OEM propellers. Get additional about 1.3 min of extra flight time for those best shots you aim for. *Performance may vary depending on flight conditions.
LOW-NOISE QUIET OPERATION - Less disturbing flights with up to -2.0dB aircraft noise reduction and noticeable decrease in sound pitch. (up to 37% sound power reduction) *Nominal values compared to OEM propellers.
IMPROVED AGILITY AND TOP SPEED - Get up to 2mph additional top speed and enhanced agility in Normal and in Sport mode. *Performance may vary depending on flight conditions.
LESS WEIGHT | INCREASED POWER RESERVE - Less weight for lower inertia. Engineered to perfection, the Stealth AIR 2S Propellers are 7.0% lighter improving system overall responsiveness. Substantial flight improvement in SPORT mode and HIGH ALTITUDE flights.
IMPROVED SAFETY AND DURABILITY- Vibrant color options for better visibility and improved safety. Easier navigation with enhanced situational awareness. Specially selected geometry and composite polymer material for improved durability and long service life.

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